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Show Review : Devah Quartet EP Release at The Tattoo Rock Parlour

Photo by Diego Guijarro

On a Friday night in the city, for live show options you can get lost in a sea of genres. Rock, alt, dance, trance, rap, folk, country on and on but rarely does the opportunity come to go see a modern string quartet whose members have backed the likes of Kanye West, Feist and Peter Gabriel.

Comprised of Emily Hau - electric violin, Sharon Lee - electric violin 5 string hybrid, Moira Burke - electric violin 5 string hybrid and Liza McLellan - cellist and song writer, the foursome plus add on drummer
Mack Longpre released their debut EP last night at The Tattoo Rock Parlour in Toronto. The San Jose recorded EP was funded through a Kickstarter Campaign.

From just moments into sound check each member’s comfort and command on their instrument is obvious but could this keep a Friday night crowds attention?

Listeners filed in eagerly watching albeit a little intimidated. The unexpectedness in the genre and pure power in their stage presence had the crowd captivated but keeping to the back corners of the room. 


Gritty, melancholic and cinematic. Cycling through songs both on and off the EP, moving excitedly around the stage, each trading off the spotlight position.

Not to have their clothes outdone by the music the four girls were clad in ripped corseted Nordic punk attire and wonderfully edged shoes. Mismatched but perfectly placed within their sound.

The seriousness of the strings were cut with disco beats and raunchy feminism. Although entertaining, wishes for unexpectedly arranged covers, considering their resume working with large artists, were left unanswered.

Winding down the 45 minutes that flew by, leaving stage the group was thrown back in by anxious shouts of encore from the crowd.

Maybe Friday night isn’t usually filled with female Gregorian chant type vocals and rock string arrangements but making your way to see Devah Quartet should definitely find its way to your night life to do list.

Devah Quartet Upcoming Dates:

The Boathouse: Kitchener - July 5th
Corktown Pub: Hamilton - July 12th
Fort Erie: Sessions on the River Showcase - July 20th
Inter-Provincial Music Camp: Camp ROCK special guests: Aug 20-23
Buskerfest: Toronto - Aug 23rd and 24th
Music on The Verandah Music Festival: Mississauga - Aug 30th

The evening’s performance was filmed by The Crew (Taylor Brockelsby, Chris Greef, Blake Hannahson, Diego Guijarro, Adam Griffiths),

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