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Crystalyne Navigate Through Oakville

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Oakville Today - June 15 2012

NORTH OAKVILLE TODAY – On hot summer days outside of the big city people may question what there is to do. Aside from pool hopping in the suburbs or tanning outside the local Starbucks, options can seem limited. 
However, thanks to Oakville’s growing music scene, there is fun to be had, one just needs to know where to look.

On Sunday, June 10, Arnold’s Bar on Morden Road hosted a summer music night featuring local acts from around the GTA including Justin Dube, We Are The Wild Things and seasoned powerhouse headliner Crystylyne.

Donned in tank tops, aviators and shorts (the uniform of today’s music lover), the crowd ventured to the backyard outside venue of Arnold’s to show their support to new and familiar bands alike. 

Despite the stifling heat, all the bands had people dancing, shouting and throwing their cares aside, in a celebration of the coming summer months. 
With sounds ranging from screams to soft Circa Survive reminiscent falsettos, the night built to the standout of the event, Crystalyne.

Photo by Daniel J. Peragine

Usually recognized for their lead singer Marissa’s experience with her past band on Much Music’s Disband, Crystalyne played Arnold’s as the second stop on their Navigatour Tour to promote their new EP Navigate.

Hitting hard into their first song, Crystalyne comes off as energetic, welcoming and are obviously adored by the crowd of both loyal followers and newbie fans.

Sitting down with the band post-show, they engaged in an open and warm discussion about the obvious comparisons to Paramore, creative dynamic, future plans and the loyalty to their craft. The band’s close relationship was made obvious by their playful camaraderie.

Crystalyne’s presence may mark the introduction of more male heavy female fronted bands in the local alt music scene.

As the heat finally died down, watching the attendees exit the bar with beaming eyes and arms full of EPs, vintage high school inspired t-shirts and rubber wristlets, it became clear to this reporter that Crystalyne will be the local soundtrack to “Navigate” through the heat wave season.

Elyse Simpson is a freelance journalist and one of Canada’s Top 20 Under 20. Excerpts from her work can be found on her blog “With Elyse” 


Photo by Daniel J. Peragine

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